Sandy Storyline is a participatory documentary that collects and shares stories about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on our neighborhoods, our communities and our lives. By engaging people in sharing their own experiences and visions, Sandy Storyline is building a community-generated narrative of the storm and its aftermath that seeks to build a more just and sustainable future. Sandy Storyline features audio, video, photography and text stories — contributed by residents and citizen journalists–that are shared through an immersive web documentary and interactive exhibitions. The aim of the project is to use storytelling to amplify the voices of community members during this historic moment. Hurricane Sandy was a devastating event that affected millions across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States and the Caribbean. It is also the beginning of a sweeping, multi-year rebuilding process that will reshape the physical landscape and alter the use of our most basic resources, including land, water and energy. Sandy Storyline highlights the voices and faces of people affected by the storm, bringing the human impact into the national conversation about economic inequality, climate change, infrastructure development and the future of coastal cities in America. Sandy Storyline is creating a rich living archive of testimonies about Hurricane Sandy and visions for the region’s rebuilding. We have already collected more than 250 stories, organized media education for more than 100 people and hosted multiple community exhibitions. This is a moment so big that it requires a new kind of documentary storytelling: a project designed to foster civic dialogue so communities can decide, from the ground up, their own futures.